Lisa Wassmann is a photographic artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Raised in the midst of a divided city as the daughter of a magician and a sound engineer, Wassmann spent most of her childhood backstage in the Theater des Westens where her parents used to work.
She began drawing and painting at an early age, keeping her artistic sensibilities sharp until she got her first camera at age 10.

Her first jobs where in Berlins nightlife and evolving clubscene

As time progressed, a passion in the interaction,communication, and staging ofphotographs and videos developed into the work she is producing today.

Wassmann studied Communication Design before pursuing her career in Photography. Her work has led her to local and international collaborations with Stella McCartney, Dazed&Confused, VICE Magazine, Süddeutsche Magazin, ZEIT Magazin, The New York Times among others.
Keeping the magic of her childhood alive, Wassmann’s work runs the gamut from contemporary portraiture and documentary photography with a subtle, mystical flair.



28.-30.6. 48h Neukölln 'Urbane Stille' with 'Wasting Time'

'the future is not what it used to be'  New York, USA

Glow in the dark // Hamburg

Dazwischen, Obey Art Space, Berlin

' No Photos On The Dancefloor!, C/O,  Berlin

Funpark ,Globe Theatre, Goethe Institut, Los Angeles
Kepler 452b, Funkhaus, Berlin
Funpark, Chausseestrasse 131, Berlin

Partial Eclipse of the Heart, Berghain, Berlin

Frontside / Backside, Schaufenster, Berlin

Turn Around Bright Eyes, Berghain, Berlin
Somewhere Else, Pavlov's Dog, Berlin
Funpark, MINY, New York
Before you are gone, Kaufhaus Jahnsdorf, Berlin
Pin Up, Pavlovs Dog, Berlin

Somewhere Else, American Images, 'Das Andere Wo', Vienna
FUNPARK, Leipziger Strasse 60, Berlin,

Before you are gone, LP60, Berlin

Selection for The Berliners, Berlin Festival, Berlin
Dali International Photography Festival, Yunnan, China
nomaden, Galerie Tristesse, Berlin
stand still, six.dogs, Athens, Greece
stand still, next, Berlin, Germany
Walking on the moon, Red Wall, Potsdam, Brandenburg

Over the Hill, Great Britain
Wald, Pavlovs Dog, Berlin
Frau ohne Gesicht, Berlinische Galerie, Berlin

Selection, West Berlin Gallery, Berlin
2009 100x100, espai, Barcelona

Hunting, Hinterconti, Hamburg

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