BPitch Control / Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien Nost Album Cover Image 2018

LISM  Album Cover for Ellen Allien s013

Dillon for Mix Mag and Interview Magazine

Paul Kalkbrenner film & photo footage Columbia Halle Berlin

Lisa has been working with Berlin based electronic music Label BPitch Control for over ten years, creating music videos, BTS Content, Album Covers, Flyers, event photography and Press Pictures for the Artists but mostly for label owner, producent and DJ Ellen Allien.

Artists on the label were Modeselektor, Ellen Allien, Dillon, Sascha Funke, Apparat, Paul Kalkbrenner, Moderat amongst others.

Ellen Aliien at Berlin Festival / Autograph Cards

Ellen Allien BTS Content


Kiki Press Images

Chaim Press Images

Video Content for BPitch Control TV - here : Interview with Moderat

Modeselektor at Melt!

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