It all started back in 2013 when I met Parker Tilghman while I was
looking for an assistant.
He applied for the job and we soon started working together.
I didn’t know much about his background but knew he was from
San Fransisco and that coming to Berlin saved him somehow.
At one point he started talking about doing little drag shows with
friends in clubs around the town and asked if I could help
him out with images.

Since then so much happened.
The shows were very successfull and became a hit here in Berlin.
The community reminded me so much of my childhood in the theatre with all the
make up, the transformations, the acting. But most of all the strong community
and the commitment.

The Yo! Sissy Festival doesn't exist anymore it had its last party in 2017.

I ve been taking pictures ever since and Fierce is a private selection of my favorite
photos, this preview just gives a over view on the topic
- more images are on request.

Pictures including musicians such as Black Cracker, Cakes da Killa, Chrise, Dai Burger, Le1f, Mykki Blanco, Zhala, Karin Park, Sado Opera and many more.

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